The Perfect Cup for your favorite coffee.

Kick start your day with that perfect cup, or if you have a Keurig coffee machine, a perfect K Cup, of your favorite coffee. The aroma alone will invigorate you, and that first sip from your mug gets you ready for all that lies ahead. How do you get the perfect cup every time?

Considerations When Shopping for the Perfect Coffee Maker

There are many different types of coffee makers, all with different functions. The most common type, the automatic drip coffee maker, is versatile and can satisfy almost every situation. There are specialty machines for making espresso at home; thermal carafe machines; single cup coffee makers, like the Keurig coffee machine, that makes a fresh cup of coffee every time using a Keurig pod.  Consider your routine, as well as your preferences, when choosing the right coffee maker for you.

How many people will be drinking coffee from this machine? Does everyone like the same type of coffee? How many cups of coffee do you like to have? Do you prefer specialty drinks, or regular coffee?  You may enjoy coffee with caffeine in the morning, but prefer different hot beverages, flavored coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea or even hot chocolate later in the day. These are things to take into consideration when you are shopping for the perfect coffee maker.

Categories of Coffee Makers

The choice of coffee makers available may seem overwhelming at first, but it will be easier to choose after you narrow down the type of machine that is right for you.

Ÿ  Automatic Drip– This type of coffee maker requires a filter to put the coffee in and run the water through, and collects the brewed coffee in a pot or carafe.

Size – It comes in a variety of sizes, from a small 4 cup pot to a large 12 or 14 cup pot.  Depending upon the number of people who drink coffee in your home or office, you can choose the size that will best meet your needs.

Pot – You can choose between a glass pot which sits on a hot plate to stay heated, or a thermal carafe, which does not require external heat to keep your coffee hot.

Function – Automatic drip machines boast a variety of functions, such as timers so that your coffee can be ready just when you want it; many of the models with a hot plate also have an automatic shut-off function, which will turn off the hot plate after a specific amount of time. This eliminates the worry of leaving your coffee maker on and causing a fire hazard. Many coffee machine have a special cleaning function, so you can enjoy the full flavor of your coffee.

An automatic drip machine is a good choice for a home or office where several people enjoy the same type of coffee, or if you like to have a few cups ready to drink.

Ÿ  Espresso Machine– If you prefer specialty coffee drinks, such as espresso, latte, or cappuccino, an espresso maker may be for you. These machines are typically more expensive than a regular drip coffee machine. A good espresso maker will grind your coffee beans, and brew your espresso at an optimum temperature for full flavor, giving you the freshest possible specialty coffee right at home. Just add your favorite mug, and every day can seem special.

Ÿ  Individual Pod MachineThe Keurig Coffee Machine is one example of an individual pod coffee maker. It brews one cup at a time, in less than a minute, making a delicious fresh cup to enjoy. You can purchase K Cups with regular coffee; flavored coffees, decaffeinated coffee, hot chocolate, tea, hot cider, and you can even make iced tea or iced coffee using this machine. You can also buy a reusable pod to brew your own ground coffee. When you have guests, you can quickly brew each person a drink of their choice. It is a wonderful machine for an office or home where people enjoy different types of beverages.

Top Rated Coffee Maker Brands

When looking at reviews of the top rated coffee makers, each site and reviewer has a different favorite, but the same brand names are mentioned over and over again. They include:

Ÿ  Cuisinart

Ÿ  Mr. Coffee

Ÿ  Keurig

Ÿ  Hamilton Beach

Ÿ  DeLonghi

Ÿ  Bonavita

Ÿ  Melitta

Be sure to do some research and check out many coffee makers until you find the one that meets your ideals. The perfect Coffee Machine, the perfect K Cup, the perfect mug of coffee awaits; take some time to think about which coffee maker is perfect for you!

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