The Perfect Cup for your favorite coffee.

Kick start your day with that perfect cup, or if you have a Keurig coffee machine, a perfect K Cup, of your favorite coffee. The aroma alone will invigorate you, and that first sip from your mug gets you ready for all that lies ahead. How do you get the perfect cup every time?

Considerations When Shopping for the Perfect Coffee Maker

There are many different types of coffee makers, all with different functions. The most common type, the automatic drip coffee maker, is versatile and can …

Is Coffee Safe During Pregnancy?

Every pregnant woman wants to know whether it is safe to drink coffee during their pregnancy. Of course everyone will have their own opinion and for some, they might not really want to take a risk of drinking coffee while carrying their child. However, is coffee safe? Should you drink coffee during your pregnancy? Read more about Is Coffee Safe During Pregnancy? at

How Coffee May Affect Your Health

Everyone wants to know how caffeine can damage their health but does coffee really affect your health? Many people drink coffee for years and don’t see any problems associated with it but there is still so much confusion about coffee and how it could damage your health. So can it really affect your health?Read more about How Coffee May Affect Your Health at

A Mug a Day